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Hello Customer,

This is Marion from the best goldens, I would like to let you know that your application has gone through and been approved. Down below we have instructions for the next step

My Story

                    Now that you have chosen your puppy we will update you weekly. When your puppy has three days left until they can go home we will send you a reminder that your puppy will be ready to be picked up in three days. If your puppy is not picked up on their pickup day your puppy will be put back up for sale. If you wish to extend the time for whatever reason we will request a $10 fee per week with the charge starting on the first day. Your puppy can only be picked up once they are completely paid for. If you wish to pay for them in person we will only accept cash.  The rest of their care is up to you!


For any questions or more information contact us through email or phone with texting or calling!


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