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"Akela" Leader of the Pack

Akela is a wonderful dog and his puppies will be perfect for those who enjoy being outside. He has excellent stamina and low prey drive. He weighs about 65 lbs and has been cleared through embark. He has sired several healthy and adorable litters. If you would like to use him for a stud, we require a negative Brucellosis test from your female taken within the last 30 days before you breed your female. If this is her first breeding session we do not require a test to be taken. We offer a few different options with breeding such as The Hour Stay, Breeding and Boarding, and if it is preferred we can do Transport Breeding. Our prices are below. If the breeding is unsuccessful we will let you breed the next cycle for free. 

Stud Fees

The Hour Stay - $500

Breeding and Boarding - $675 - $775

Transport Breeding - $1000-$1500 (Depending on Location)

Pick of the Litter

This includes you bringing your female to our place for 30 to 60 minutes to ensure a tie on at least two different occasions

This includes a three day stay for your female and we will send a confirmation picture of at least two ties. The price is $675 if you provide the food and $775 if we provide the food. This allows us to provide your female with the food she is already used to.

We bring Akela to you! We will stay for up to one hour. We can bring him on two separate occasions.

This is where we will accept a puppy of our choice from the litter for payment. Pick of the litter only qualifies for Breeding and Boarding or The Hour Stay.

We will only accept pick of the litter if your female is:

- A red AKC golden retriever

- Genetically tested 

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