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Becoming a Guardian

Here with The Best Goldens, we believe that every puppy and dog deserve to have a loving home and family. In order to extend our program and still be sure that our puppies are getting the tender love and care that will help them to grow into happy and healthy dogs, we are starting our guardian home program this year in 2022.

What is a guardian? A guardian is someone who has agreed to our terms in caring for one of our puppies. They will receive a puppy at no cost to them in return for caring for them while they are in our breeding program. The guardian will supply all regular pet expenses such as regular vet visits, food, dog dish, bed, puppy crate, toys etc, We will pay for all breeding expenses such as stud service, genetic testing, etc.

How to become a guardian? If you are interested in becoming a guardian for a puppy or dog, we strongly recommend texting or calling. After having a conversation and learning more about you we will decide if you are a good fit for our puppy/dog. Once we have decided that you are a perfect fit for our puppy, we will schedule a time for you to come meet your new puppy/dog and give you the contract that must be read and completely understood before signing. We will answer any questions you have and once the contract is signed, we will give you a copy and you can go home with your brand-new puppy/dog! Your guardian puppy/dog will go home with a week's worth of food.

Females: Guardian opportunities for females are only available for those who live within one hour of the Kaysville area as it will be the guardians responsibility to bring the dog back to us for breeding. After her third or fourth litter she will be completely yours. You will receive $50 for each puppy sold if they are whelped here and $75 per puppy sold if they are whelped at your place.

Males: Guardian opportunities for males are only available to those who live within thirty minutes of the Kaysville area as we may need to use him several times through the year and it will be the guardian's responsibility to bring him to and from our place for breeding. You will receive $50 dollars per tie and we usually try for three ties per female.

If you are interested in becoming part of our breeding program contact us today at (385)306-8721 through call or text and we'll send you our guardian application!

*Please Read*

We do not currently have any puppies/dogs for guardian but if you let us know you are interested we can put you at the top of our list and contact you when one becomes available.

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